Look at the Evidence

This continues to be a debatable statement. It shouldn’t be. The evidence is available for anyone who chooses to see it.

You can not arrest a shoplifter until they leave the store. The state certification is the equivalent of leaving the store with stolen goods.

~John Schneider

The President has every right to peruse any legal issues which may have impacted the outcome of the election.

The response by big media and big tech is to simply deny the validity of any of the claims.

“To suppress free speech is a double wrong. It violates the rights of the hearer as well as those of the speaker.”- Frederick Douglass

Please – read the claims below and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Why aren’t the publishers doing the research to prove or disprove these claims?
  2. It seems like the major news networks are working overtime to ensure their viewers either don’t see or don’t believe the issues. If there is no merit to the claims set forth in the legal battles, why are they not sharing the facts as they stand and simply letting the courts discount the lawsuits?
  3. If the roles were reversed and Joe Biden’s campaign was raising the same issues – would you be concerned?

Some of the Issues

USPS Delivery

  • Truck driver testified his normal route is from Lancaster to Hartford to New York and back to Lancaster. In Oct, he picked up his load in Lancaster, which contained huge bins of ballots. He drove to Hartford to drop the ballots – they did not offload in Hartford. He had to wait 6 hours and they finally told him to deliver the ballots to NY. This made no sense as they were PA ballots. He drove back to Lancaster because it was late and parked his truck and trailer. In the morning, his trailer was gone.

Polling locations

  • Observers were routinely denied access to the ballot duplication process
  • Pennsylvania law requires all ballots be received no later than the day of election. The Secretary of State unilaterally, and without the authority to do so, determined that ballots could be received up to 3 days post election.
  • Alleged vote buying occurred in Native American outreach programs
  • At least 15,000 people voted in two states

Missed Ballots

  • Ballots were found during recount that had not been counted during the original count
  • DeKalb County – 11/18 – found stack of ballots marked 10,707 Biden, 13 Trump, the actual count was 1,081 Biden, 13 Trump
  • Fayette County – 11/17 – 2755 ballots found that were included in the original count
  • Walton County – 11/17 – one of the scanners containing 284 ballots was not uploaded to the machine
  • Floyd County – 11/16 – 2600 ballots founds that were not included in the original count

Other Ballot Issues

  • Ballots were filled out improperly, they do not have names or addresses on the envelopes so it is unclear where they came from

Equal Rights Violations

Equal rights essentially refers to ensuring a level playing field. If one county in a state is afforded specific abilities during an election, every county in that state should be given the equal rights to do the same.

  • Poll workers in democrat counties contacted voters to allow them to “cure” problem ballots, this was not allowed in republican counties
  • In Allegheny county (PA), there was 1 polling box every 4 square miles, in republican counties, there was 1 every 1100 square miles

Software Issue

Data (more to come)

PA: 47 USB drives with 50k votes for Biden and chain of custody logs for 100k votes have gone missing.

Georgia: On Nov 4 at 12:18am, 23,497 votes were uploaded as a batch, showing 27,113 votes for Biden and -3,908 for Trump.

I’m not sure where this was at – but this chart is by a data analyst who submitted his findings under a signed affidavit. Basically what this shows is that in this location, there were more ballots returned (green) than were sent out (orange) – and notice that a good chunk were received the day before they were sent out.

Author: Shawn

"The burden of suffering seems a tombstone hung about our necks, while in reality it is only a weight which is necessary to keep down the diver while he is hunting for pearls" Jean Paul Richter

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